Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magazine Scans 3

This season's favorite color- Brown, Navy and little bit of Red! Please do click to enlarge the pictures if you want to view the details. 

Credits: Mina February 2011

Accessories: Leggings

Here's some great bottom enhancers to match with your timeless outfits! Simply choose patterns that will not overwhelm your top, and as simply as that, it actually dresses up for a dinner or dresses down for a rainy casual street look day!

All exclusively from House of Leggings! The house offers a whole range of socks, leggings and jeggings you might think they're the 7-11 of them! Colorful or just plain black, schizophrenic or just demure, name it and they'll have it!

Never a Perfect Outfit in the Wardrobe

Blazing Red Knit Jersey Dress- The Vintage Socialites

Purple Floral Vintage Minidress - Swagdolls

Marry Me Dress - Butter & Kaya

Friday, February 11, 2011

Local Talent Alert: You, Me and Shoes

Nikita, RM165, YMS

On first glance, they really look like some exotic killer shoes from the conventional foreign sprees but aren't we surprised when it's totally handmade from our local entrepreneur! Spell Goddess! Diva! Elite!

We think this pair is ultimately the perfect pair to match up with your any of your vintage and even contemporary pieces! 100% handmade by the founder of You, Me and Shoes ( YMS in short) Ayuni Azri and her hardworking team mates. It's the launching of their first collection! Aren't we totally proud of her?

Completed with synthetic suede insole, made by order only, colours and heels height can be changed upon request. I'd to say that such service suits only on cloud nine heaven!

There are more designs on store now, so go up to the store now! We are seriously thinking of getting at least a pair from YMS as well!

Exotic Valentine ( 3 more days!)

I know that sometimes Valentine's day can be overhyped, especially everything on the streets and shops have overcommercialised this very special day! But here, for those who's looking for something exotic and yet affordable, here's a few outfits recommended and bound to impress your other half.

While for the single lovely ladies, fraid not! You should even dress up and tantalize yourself that very day and proves that you're just being wonderful with yourself, family and friends! It's really not only about a couple's matter, aiye? After all, you have to find someone amazing to change your 'single' status!

Last but not least,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yellow Ochre Roberto Bag from The 2nd Glare

Staple Little Black Dress from Versatile Chic

Intricate Lace Collar Dress from Lulu le Lucy

Exquisite Shoulder Lace White Top from Creampuff Wardrobe

Satin Dress from Rara Vintage Boutique

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Magazine Scans 2

Brightly colored, saccharine hues, chromatic patterns, lolita cuttings
Somehow there's always a bit of character playing/cosplay spices in our outfits nowadays!

Credits: Vivi Magazine ( Feb 2011), featuring model Elli Rose

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fashion for Breakfast

P/S: Some of them are sold out, but I can't bear to share them here as their beauty and forms are really beyond words and visual pleasure.

Dear Laura Dress from Dame Jolie

Nautical Sailor Dress from Ragdoll

Brown & Yellow Polka Dot 2 Piece Dress from Vintage Lavie

Wanton Wallflower Dress from Five Stones Vintage